Isolar Solarlux is a solar control glass, result of a high technology production. These glasses have a metallic layer in one of their sides, which gives them the properties of reflection and solar control.

The glazing is the link between a building and the exterior. Isolar Solarlux gives each building a special look, by means of this effect of colour and reflection. This provides a high number of possibilities for the creation of architecture.

Facades with Isolar Solarlux integrate in the environment reflecting the image of the landscape.

A very important aspect when a building is designed is the air conditioning and the saving of energy. Isolar Solarlux, plays a very important role in the control of energy between the interior and the exterior of the building, focusing the amount of light and solar energy inside the building with conventional glasses, the problem is that there is too much solar energy inside the building, so the air-conditioning system has to work too much in order to keep cod the premises. We must take into account that air-conditioning consumes over six times more than heating.

Isolar Solarlux glazing is very useful when we try to avoid on excess of solar energy.

How it Works

The function of Isolar Solarlux is to reduce the quantity of solar energy inside the building, avoiding overheating and reducing considerably the use of air-conditioning.

This is achieved by means of a Row Solar Factor. If we compare it with other glazing, Isolar Solarlux reaches a lower Solar Factor by means of a higher reflection (reflecting glasses) and a higher absorption (absorbent glasses).

A part of the solar energy, which falls on the glazing, goes directly through the glass, Energetic Transmission (TE). Other part is reflected, Energetic Reflection (RE). The rest is absorbed by the glass, which gets lot and radiates this heat to the exterior (Ae) and to the interior (Ai).

The Solar Factor of a glass is made up of the amount energy, which goes through, the glazing (TE) and the heat that the glass radiates to the interior (Ai).


Double - Glazing for Solar Control

Isolar Solarlux as a thermal insulation glazing, combines the effects of Solarlux with the advantages of Isolar Double-Glazing.

With a low Solar Factor, the undesirable quantity of solar energy inside a room is reduced. Besides, it favours the saving of energy because it keeps the temperature of the interior, uniform.

The wide range Isolar Solarlux products include any particular case, having either colourless or dyed glasses to which the exclusive layer of Solarlux is applied.
This glazing provides a wide range of aesthetics being possible to combine with low emission, soundproofing or security glasses.Control Solar y baja emisividad

Solar Control and Low Emision

Isolar Solarlux , with its low coefficient K and its reduced Solar Factor is a glass for air -conditioning which can complement the function of Solar Protection, with the saving of energy of the low emission, because it may be combined with Isolar Neutralux, with a low Solar Factor the amount of undesirable Solar Energy in a room, is reduced.

Combining metallic layers of Neutralux and Solarlux, it's possible to keep heat or cold where you want.

The wide range of glazing Isolar Neutralux satisfies all the requirements we can demand in a modern solar protection glass, always taking into account the specific circumstances of every building.


Isolar guarantees its products within a period of ten years from the date of manufacture, against any defect, which reduces visibility due to the condensation or dust deposited over the interior side of the transparent glasses.
This guarantee is valid provided that the normal conditions of use of Isolar have been observed.

Solar Control and Soundproofing

A better soundproofing with double-glazing is achieved by means of a right composition. The metallic layer of Isolar Neutralux doesn't have influence on soundproofing. The properties of Isolar Solarlux and Isolar Akustex can be combined.

The result is a glazing, which satisfies the demands of Solar Control, and at the same time keeps the noise outside.

This gives on the possibility of having a great variety of solutions for the buildingof singular building improvement of the quality of the environment in the planning of buildings and the good use of energy.

Solar Control and Special Products

The combination of Isolar Solarlux with buttoned glass, satisfies the latest architectural demands, for facades, curtain walls, skylights, decks, marquees, geodesic domes and other types of buildings.

Buttoned glass is a simple and effective system of fixing of glass sheers, which allows carrying out complex and sophisticated designs, since each piece is designed and manufactured with the entire rigor and the highest quality of the materials.

We may also add the advantages of Isolar venetian blind to the ones of Isolar Solarlux, since it allows us to control the luminosity thanks to a hermetic chamber, which contains a venetian blind equipped with an electric mechanism.

Definition of Parameters

Light Transmission (TL).Total amount of light visible, which goes through a glazing. It's expressed as a percentage between the light transmitted and the light that falls on the glazing.

Light Reflection (RL).Amount of visible light which is refleted by a glazing. It`s expressed by the percentage that result of dividing the reflected light between the light that influence this glazing.

Energy Transmission (TE).Amount of energy, which goes through a glazing. It's expressed as a percentage between the energy reflected and the energy, which falls on the glazing.

Energy Reflection (RE).Amount of energy reflected by a glazing. It`s expressed by the percentage that result of dividing the energy reflected between the energy that influence this glazing.

Solar Factor (FS).Total amount of energy that goes through the glazing.

Coefficient K. Amount of energy, expressed in kilocalories, lost by transmission through a square meter of glazing per hour and per every º C of difference between the interior and the exterior of a glazing (Kcal/m2 h º C).

Technic Info

The estimate of the quality of the product must be carried out by transparency, over a bottom illuminated uniformly from a distance of 3 meters and without a previous approach to the glass. Any fault, which isn't visible under these conditioning, is not considered a defect. It won't neither be considered a defect the chips in the layer with a diameter of less than 1 mm, in the central pert of the piece, provided that they are fewer than 5 per m2, or those which are between 1 and 1,5 in diameter if they are closer than 75 mm from the harder of the piece, without limit of numbers.

It won't neither be considered a defect the scratches of less than 15 mm in the periphery previously mentioned, nor the faults of shadow or slight variation in colour, reflection or light transmission. These criteria are applicable to products issued in a fixed measure, aimed to direct use. In standard measure for storage and cut, higher tolerances are admitted.

Aditional Info

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