The first control of the raw material is done on the warehouse area. All the received glasses are identified and classified before manipulation.
This procedure is absolutely needed in order to maintain the traceability of the product.
Tvitec count with an intelligent warehouse, where the big panes are moved trought a automatic system, under a operator supervision. This process is speeded up this way and also the working risks are reduced
This transformation process begins on the cutting area, which is made by automatic lisec machines.  Maximum dimensions of 12.000x3.300 mm are able to be manipulated on this area.

Manufacturing / Glass Edging

The glasses are sent to the manufacture area, where they are under an arised edge work, on the horizontal and vertical ground edges machines. Also numeric control and drilling work are made if required for the final product. All the processes are automatic guaranteeing a perfect final product.

Glass edging

Tvitec has installed the state of the art technology in glass edging with the CHIARA MULTIFLEX MTP10  12000, produced by FORVET Italy. This machine has the capability to edge polish 2 glasses 6000x3300 simultaneously, or one piece up to 12000 x 3300. The glasses can be rectangular, triangular or any geometrical shape. In addition, with the merging of two technology ( edge polish with cup wheels and CNC) any shape can be executed with polished cut outs, holes and radius corners, without having to manually positioning the glass.

Tempering process

Tvitec has a modern horizontal tempering furnace  with  the capacity  of tempering and making also the heat strengthened  process of pieces up to  12000X3210 mm on the bigger thicknesses complying to an excellent planimetry  grade, on the deformation either the roughness of the surface.

Screen Printing Area

The serigraphy area is reserved for decorative glasses, where one of glass faces is covered by decorative patterns; these designs are made using a ceramic paint on the glasses under a fritting process
In addition, tvitec has a digital printing machine which works with the technology named “drop on demand DOD””. This line deposit the ink using a software which leads the printing heads in order to apply  the ink on the  glass only when it’s needed.

Glass laminated

Tvitec has a modern laminated line and autoclave that allows the production of dimensions up to 12000 x 3300 mm.
Laminated glass consists in the union of glasses with an intermediate film made of polyvinyl butyral (pvb). This pvb can be transparent, translucent, coloured and even include drawings. Lamination process makes the glass more secure against any possible breakage.

Double Glazing

Tvitec has several IGU lines where the two sheets of glass separated by an interlayer are assembled. The IGU  area is completely automated and controlled by operators in each section. 
These lines work with dimensions up to 12000x3300 mm,

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